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More contemporary installations have taken place as well. In 2014, artist London Kaye yarn-bombed the L train, wrapping metal handpoles in knit fabric. In 2019, artist Ian Callender used projectors to show accurate views of the cityscape above moving 6 trains on the ceilings of entire cars. In 2021, illustrator Devon Rodriguez went viral for his drawings of fellow commuters. Subway Series is a term applied to any series of baseball games between New York City teams, as opposing teams can travel to compete merely by using the subway system. Subway Series is a term long used in New York, going back to series between the Brooklyn Dodgers or New York Giants and the New York Yankees in the 1940s and 1950s.

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Original plans called for the PT Cruiser to receive a complete redesign for 2007, but that was pushed back and little was changed as Chrysler was sorting out powertrains, styling, and even positioning as a luxury compact SUV. The convertible and the High Output engine were discontinued for the 2008 model year and sales dropped as information spread that Chrysler was going to discontinue the PT Cruiser in the near future. Interior updates included a revised interior with an updated dash with an analog clock in the center stack.

The prosecution responded by showing that a different photograph showed that the blood was present on the back gate on June 13 and before the blood had been taken from Simpson’s arm. Officer Robert Riske was the first officer to the crime scene and the one who pointed out the blood on the back gate to Fuhrman, who documented it in his notes that night. Multiple other officers also testified under oath that the blood was present on the back gate the night of the murders. The prosecution also pointed out that the media cameras present proved that Vannatter never returned to the Bundy crime scene (Brown’s home) that evening, where Simpson’s blood was allegedly planted. Simpson denied ever owning a pair of those “ugly ass shoes” and there was only circumstantial evidence he did. Bloomingdales employee Samuel Poser testified he remembered showing Simpson those shoes but there was no store record of him purchasing them.

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We’re super pleased to hear you enjoyed the event; Let me take a moment out to address your other concerns. We appreciate you taking a quick moment out to share your sentiments. We’re so chuffed to hear how much you’ve enjoyed our events with us. We find it incredibly unfortunate that in today’s climate – there are those that find compliments to ones beauty or how one took the time the time out to look fantastic, as somehow racist or derogatory.

The audio system featured a line-in jack for MP3 players integrated into the dash. Features such as satellite radio, a premium sound system by Boston Acoustics with external amplifier and subwoofer, and UConnect hands-free Bluetooth for compatible cell phones also became available in 2006. The standard audio system now included an AM/FM stereo with single-disc CD player and a 3.5-millimeter auxiliary audio input jack with six speakers, replacing a cassette player and four speakers. The turbocharged 2.4 L I4 was available in 180 hp or “High-Output” 230 hp versions. A “Mopar” cruise control unit became available as an aftermarket unit on 2007 models.


Met some lovely people and the atmosphere was lively. Would 100% recommend if looking for something legitdatingreviews.com/charmdate-review fun to do in the evening. What was appreciated yesterday may not be relevant today.

Many different plans were proposed over the years of the subway’s existence, but expansion of the subway system mostly stopped during World War II. More recent projects use tunnel boring machines, which increase the cost. They minimize disruption at street level and avoid already existing utilities. Examples of such projects include the extension of the IRT Flushing Line and the IND Second Avenue Line. This method worked well for digging soft dirt and gravel near the street surface. Tunnelling shields were required for deeper sections, such as the Harlem and East River tunnels, which used cast-iron tubes.

Lovely events, helas no knight in shining armour for me, but still a good laugh, relaxed and a great atmosphere. I am sorry to hear you didn’t receive the communication regarding the venue change. Unfortunatley the venue we were working with closed down and we had to move the event. We provided a refund to Nina and also offered a complimentary ticket for a future event as a good will gesture. We pride ourselves on our customer service and look forward to welcoming Nina to a future event so that she can hopefully turn this negative experience into a positive one!

Simpson–Brown marriage

Several station entrance stairs, for example, are built into adjacent buildings. Nearly all station entrances feature color-coded globe or square lamps signifying their status as an entrance. The current number of stations is smaller than the peak of the system. In addition to the demolition of former elevated lines, which collectively have resulted in the demolition of over a hundred stations, other closed stations and unused portions of existing stations remain in parts of the system. Plans for new lines date back to the early 1910s, and expansion plans have been proposed during many years of the system’s existence. Cochran responded to Fuhrman’s pleading the Fifth by accusing the other officers of being involved in a “cover-up” to protect Fuhrman and asked Judge Ito to suppress all of the evidence that Fuhrman found.

It produced 140 hp SAE at 6500 rpm with 130 lb⋅ft (176 N⋅m) of torque at 4800 rpm. In July 2000, the PT Cruiser replaced the Neon in Japan as their small car offering. Both the five-door hatchback and the two-door convertible, and the GT turbo engine package were sold in Japan in right-hand drive configurations.