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He met on September 12 with the AU’s high representative, Obasanjo,” stated Price. Although the amount of jobs created by industrial parks is relatively low compared to the agricultural sector, the country had planned to industrialize. For Heinisch, these efforts are now being thwarted. Even exporters had to deal with the shortage because the restriction prevented them from using more than 20 percent of the foreign exchange they had earned. It didn’t take long for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to react. Humanitarian organizations had relatively easier access to provide food supplies to people in the war-torn region.

It also encourages companies to invest abroad while also taking on social responsibility. So, doing business is one thing, and taking on social responsibility is quite another. There is no conflict, and we must proceed. It is a unified organization made up of all farmers, and the farmers choose just one or two people to lead their organization and send representatives to determine the prices of all products.

You can order a delivery company, saving your time, energy and money. The government is not providing any support or incentive for delivery companies. There were no private courier service providers in Ethiopia, for long. So, only the Post Office and the DHL were known in this business.

Line #28: “What are you most proud of in life, but never have a chance to share with other people?”

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Even judges of the top court experience this. Ethiopia cannot support a decentralized judiciary when dozens of regional entities each have their own legal framework. A serious hunger broke out during the Derg, and Nordic nations wanted to send aid cargoes. However, there was no way for the supplies to reach Ethiopia. Nobody would have protested if the Derg had taken one of the ports in the Horn of Africa at the time by force.

In the past year, the UNSC discussed sanctioning Ethiopia in relation to human rights violations in the Tigray war. However, the considerations were vetoed by Russia and China. Ethiopia also paid back by refraining from voting, when the UNSC introduced emergency voting in March 2022 to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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I think it is gonna be available very soon. Our shareholders are engaging with the government. From operational perspective, things are going well. In technically perspective, we will be ready to launch service in the next three months. Aside from flouting the rights to liberty of movement, the action of the Oromia security forces has other troubling ramifications.

At a press briefing on September 15, 2022, Ned Price, spokesperson of the US Department of State, stated that Ethiopia should look for a non-military solution to the conflict. In May 2022, the bank signed a USD 300 million grant to assist the reconstruction, and the federal government has allocated 20 billion birr in the current fiscal year for reconstruction. The region, which has been witnessing conflict and the killing of innocent people in various places, saw 113,000 students are out of school due to instability. The destruction of schools has created a difficult situation for students to return to school. In the conflict-affected areas of the region, 201 schools were completely destroyed and 86 schools suffered partial damage. The region has been a place of horrific civilian killings and conflicts between government security forces and Gumuz rebels since 2019.

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However, it was easier said than done to keep the pledge. Sidama was the first regional state to be established following a referendum, with 98 percent of voters supporting the establishment of a new regional state. For Wondemagegn, even if the Security Council passes a resolution, it is difficult to implement it. If the Council decides to send troops to stop human rights abuses, there may not be many countries to contribute troops to a country as large as Ethiopia. “Inflation was growing, above 30 percent throughout the year.

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