The history of Kontel Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the international engineering company, comes back to the Year 2003 when it started its operation from a small trading company. Rapidly growing and constantly improving and acquiring the latest technologies, the company proceeded to rendering of the more large-scale and integrated services in the field of water treatment, processing, purification and use.

For over Sixteen years, general ideology, unitary standard and professional approach to solving the assigned problems hold the specialists of our company together. At present, Kontel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  is a leading European engineering and technology company offering its clients the guaranteed best solutions in the field of industrial and domestic/portable water purification and treatment.

 Kontel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  is a client focused specialist in Water Treatment Parts & Services, we offer a comprehensive range of consumables including chemicals, filters and membranes for all components & parts.

Kontel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  is a nationally represented multi-disciplined water treatment pats specialist, focused on RO Plant, recycling, desalination, water & wastewater treatment for industries in the fields of Food & Beverages, Textile, power generation, mining and base metal refining, municipal/public sector, manufacturing and processing.

We pride ourselves on employing highly trained and motivated staff to offer our customers high value solutions that focus on reducing capital and operating costs.