Kontel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  Prides itself on its approach to sustainability within its business, we are committed to delivering continual improvement across a wide and diverse range of aspects within the company including:

Health & Safety, Environmental & Quality Performance.

Our Approach


Delivering consistent and quality controlled products & services


Protecting our people and others that share the workplace with us


Zero harm to people, the environment & the community

We are continually expanding our capabilities to deliver larger more diverse projects to meet the needs of our clients. Our policies and procedures are continually being reviewed to ensure compliance and continuous improvement.



The safety of our people and for those we work with is our biggest priority; we aim to achieve best practice in our approach to workplace safety 100% of the time. We maintain a strong emphasis on safety, learning, and teamwork. Our goal is Zero Harm to all our people and those we work with.



We maintain accreditation for ISO 9001:2008 Integrated Management System, an accreditation we have proudly held since 1999. To ensure compliance and continuous improvement within our quality systems we undergo regular internal and external auditing. We recognize the value of providing our clients with reliable, consistent auditable processes and services.



We have recognized the importance of protecting the health and safety of our employees, clients, visitors and contractors; while caring for the environment. Our goal is ZERO HARM to people, the environment and communities impacted by our activities.