Mining & Metallurgy

Contaminated mine water is generated when rock containing sulphidic minerals is exposed to water and oxygen, resulting in the production of acidity and high concentrations of metals and sulphate in the water. Mine drainage, process water and storm water associated with industrial activities are the main types of water produced in mining operation. The two primary aims of the treatment of contaminated mine water are to neutralize acidity and removal metals. Kontel provides sustainable complete water treatment solutions for mining industry considering a wide range of technologies and strategies.


  •  Waste water reuse/recycle
  •  Waste water minimization
  •  Waste water treatment (discharge)
  •  Brine minimization

Our Solutions

  •  Sulfate removal
  •  Heavy metals removal
  •  Cyanide removal
  •  Desalination / Demineralization
  •  Zero liquid discharge (ZLD)

Technology Overview

  •  Chemical precipitation
  •  Coagulation/Flocculation & Sedimentation
  •  Multimedia filtration
  •  Activated carbon
  •  Metals adsorption
  •  Ultra-filtration
  •  Nanofiltration
  •  Reverse Osmosis
  •  Ion exchange
  •  Electro-deionization
  •  Evaporation/Crystalization

Our Advantages

  •  Engineered and custom designed solutions for unique water and equipment needs.
  •  Turn-key solutions including design, engineering, manufacturing, automation, installation, maintenance and training.
  •  State-of-art technologies for effective water and wastewater reuse.
  •  Best on-line assistance and on-site service and support.