Tourism Hotels & (Golf) Resorts

Access to clean and safe water has primary importance for tourism in hotel and resorts industry. This can be for drinking water in remote island location, swimming pool make-up water and (golf) resorts irrigation water. Furthermore, the need to deal with wastewater in a sustainable manner is now seen as essential for the ongoing potential of a tourism destination.

Kontel provides sustainable complete water treatment solutions in tourism and residential industry considering a wide range of technologies and strategies.


  •  Drinking water production
  •  Utilities water production
  •  Waste water treatment

Our Solutions

  •  Coarse and fine filtration
  •  Desalination
  •  Remineralization
  •  Disinfection

Technology Overview

  •  Multimedia filtration
  •  Nanofiltration
  •  Reverse Osmosis
  •  Remineralization filters

Our Advantages

  •  Engineered and custom designed solutions for unique water and equipment needs
  •  Turn-key solutions including design, engineering, manufacturing, automation, installation, maintenance and training
  •  State-of-art technologies for effective water and wastewater reuse
  •  Best on-line assistance and on-site service and support