Sediment Filters & Housings

Water treatment filtration products offered by Kontel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. include Cartridge filters, GAC filters, CTO’s, HF Filters, Pleated filters, Bag filters etc. of all major brands of global market. Kontel Technologies uses only the highest quality filtration products ensuring our customers longer life of their components. With sediment filter cartridges ranging from 100-micron filtration all the way down to 0.2-micron, making them perfect for any pre and post treatment filtration requirement. Carbon/GAC filter cartridges are made of high-qualityvirgin coconut shell and is available in many different sizes and micron ratings such as 20-micron filtration down to 5-micron. Kontel Technologies also carries all types of cartridge filtration housings in a large variety of sizes and filtering capacities. With our vast assortment of housings, we can accommodate any flow rate and we can tailor a housing in multiple variety of martials and coatings to withstand even the harshest of conditions like chemicals, acids, sea water and hot water for our customers.




Iron Removal Filter


Oil Absorbing Filter bag

Carbon fillter Crtredge

Water Absorbent Bag