Water Filtration Media And Resin
Media filtration is a big player in the water treatment game and Kontel Tehnologies is here to play. With stocking quantities on hand and technical sales representatives to take your call,Kontel Technologies is your number one place for all of your media filtration needs. Only the highest quality media from Clack is used and supplied for our customers providing the customer superior filtration for most applications. With many types of media and resin offered you are sure to find the best fit for your water demands.

Clack High Activated Carbon Filtration Media

Clack MTM Filtration Media

Clack Filter Ag Plus Filtration Media

Clack Pyrolox Filtration Media


Pure Aqua Filter Media and Resin

Clack Greensand Filtration Media

Clack Garnet Filtration Media

Clack Filter Sand Filtration Media